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2012-10-04 12:37:52
Woud you hire family as your realtor? Possible Con

I have just been wondering lately. What are some different reasons that you would choose NOT to use a friend or family member that is a Realtor to help you buy or sell a home? I am just trying to understand what may cause someone to use a Realtor that they may not have a close relationship with over someone that they already know and trust. The only thing I can think of would be discussing money. After over 6 years in Real Estate I don't think I have ever known anybody's income unless that personslly told me themselves

So I thought I would just give suggestions to some of you that may be deciding whether to involve family or frients or not.

Understanding from the agents view:

-If you feel stuck between 2 different people in the business and are having a hard time choosing. Give each agent a chance. Interview them. Find out who is going to fit your needs best.

-Discounts? Go ahead and ask.. What Fee's do you charge? Let them know if someone else is willing to discount their commissions for you and ask if they will match it.

-Ask for a referral. If you love your family but do not want to mix family with business.  Be honest! Ask your family for a referral. That way they will understand but they can still likely get a small fee for referring you to someone that they trust. And everyone will be happy.

-Be honest! I understand that not everyone I know will use me as their agent. Don't don't let family or friends find out that you went elsewhere through the grapevine. Discuss your concerns or hesitation and be up front. You may be able to work something out for both parties involved.






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